History of immigration from Czechoslovakia to Australia  

The earliest known settler in Australia from the former Czechoslovakia ? today Czech Republic ? was Marek Blycher, a convict who arrived in Sydney in 1830 

However, the Czech connection with Australia goes back to the earliest days of the colony.

It's believed the first Czech to step on Australian soil /and also New Zealand soil / was the renowned botanist and biologist and doctor, Tadeas Haenke -/
often compared to Alexander von Humboldt /, who arrived as part of a Spanish expedition in March 1793.

Haenke was born in town Ch?ibská close to D??ín. He studied at the Universities of Vienna and of Prague.Haenke described and named some of the species of Australian plants and animals with the aid of a group of prisoners given to him to collect samples. Haenke was probably the first European to climb Ecuador's highest summit ? Chimborazo - 6310m. Long-time consider as the highest mountain on the planet. While visiting the Amazon, he discovered a giant water lily called ?Royal Water Lily? or Victoria Regia ? now Victoria Amazonica.


Here you can read Haenke?s letter send from Sydney Cove on 15 April 1793 to ?Most noble Sir Joseph Banks?.


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