Basic information about Australian legal system ? On Australian Law on line website - 

In problems - The police, courts, and many government departments grant interpreting services. If you are having difficulty understanding something official, ask for an interpreter.


Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road. Make sure you know what Australian traffic signs mean - they may differ markedly from those in your own country.

Public transport - if you're not a permanent resident of Australia, you have to pay full fare.


Moving to Perth Western Australia emigration and visa advice

Moving to Adelaide South Australia visa and migration help 

Australia is considered a low-threat country for tourists, overseas students, as well as residents. Australia is warmer than Europe but, contrary to the traveller brochures, it isn't hot everywhere all the time. In winter if you're in a south or central inland regions, temperatures can drop as low as zero degrees centigrade.

However snow falls only on Snowy Mountains, Tasmania and sometimes even in Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney!

Staying Legally in Australia and Working Legally in Australia

Australia Needs Skills Expos

How to obtain entry to and stay in Australia as a student - Students - Visas & Immigration


See what the difference is between temporary and permanent visas:


Tourists ? people who visits Australia for holiday, recreational reasons, to meet relatives or friends, or for other short-term non-work purposes. Tourists have to apply  for Tourist visa (subclass 676) or Sponsored Family Visitor visa (subclass 679) or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

Online application forms for tourists - Tourists


Working Holiday Makers and Seasonal work in the horticultural industry and harvest jobs - Harvest Trail - Overview , Online application forms for Working Holiday Makers


Business people - Business visits, Business Skills visas to establish a business in Australia, manage a new or existing business or invest - Business Development - Provisional, Business Development - Permanent

Business Development Sponsorship

Workers - skilled workers or particular occupations Professionals and other Skilled Migrants, Online application forms for Professionals and other Skilled Workers

Event Organisers and Participants

Special Activities - specific professional, cultural or social activities, or medical treatment.

Employer Sponsored Workers

Doctors and Nurses


Regional Employment


Family Members, Refugee or Humanitarian Entrants, Returning Residents

Workers, Business People,

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Skilled and Business Migration Strategy - Business Migration, Skilled Migration, Employer Sponsored Migration


Registration or licensing - If you intend to work in your occupation in Australia, you should be aware that registration or licensing may be required.

Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI)
National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition
Trades Recognition

Australian citizenship - Citizenship Applications

You can offend Australians without even knowing:

1.Most things in Australia start on time, and it's considered rude to arrive late, especially in business.

2. Bribery is completely unacceptable if you try to give an official money other than for advertised charges, you are breaking the law.

3. Failure to queue. Join a queue at the back and wait until it's their turn to be served. There are almost no exceptions to this rule.


Roughly everybody in Australia is on first-name terms.

It is extremely rare for adults to call each other "Mr.", or "Mrs." or "Miss" or use surnames.

This can be only found:

1. in law courts,

2. between politicians,

3. amongst students when addressing their teachers.

For a good number of Australians, alcohol is a vital part of socialising. It is common for guests invited to a barbecue or party to bring some alcohol with them. However you can take chocolates, flowers or a gift instead.


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