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Shopping generally


For your rights and cases you want to ask for a refund or return the goods see NSW Office of Fair Trading http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/shopping.html


AND very important ? See list of scams on the above mentioned website

You can find there detailed information about ?Advance fee scams? like ill famous

Nigerian scams. Then ?Employment opportunities ?scam by Global Cash etc? ?Internet offers? , ?Introduction agencies?, ?Lottery scams? ? plenty of those, ?Pyramid schemes? like those of  David Rhodes of Perth etc.


Buying a car



Before buying a car privately see http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/shopping/scams/buyingcars.html

Read The car buyers handbook

NRMA guide to buying a used car - http://www.mynrma.com.au/cps/rde/xchg/mynrma/hs.xsl/nrma_vehicle_inspections.htm?cpssessionid=SID-3F5768EC-3B07DED2

Ans see used cars safety ratings at the same site.



 NRMA guide to buying a new car - http://www.mynrma.com.au/cps/rde/xchg/mynrma/hs.xsl/buying_a_car.htm?cpssessionid=SID-3F5768EC-3B07DED2

See a car reviews for all the types you are considering. Print them and take them to car dealer.



Supermarkets such as Bi-Lo http://www.bilo.com.au/ , Franklins http://www.franklins.com.au/

 and Aldi http://www.aldi.com.au/ 

are discount retailers. Especially Aldi prices are amazingly lower than other supermarkets.

Just with few clicks you can find out all about their business hours, products, locations (near to you).

Savings can also be made by buying  groceries when they are on special and by buying  in bulk.




 The Trading Post http://www.tradingpost.com.au/default.aspx - one of the best options for buying any household item.

Garage sales - can be time consuming, but?cheap.

Second hand shops


eBay -  http://pages.ebay.com.au/buy/guides/furniture-buying-guide/?ssPageName=BUYGD:CAT:3197:SEARCH:1

and ? if you are really desperate try St Vincent  http://www.vinnies.org.au/findlocation.cfm



Markets, recycled clothing shops, discount warehouses.

We will update you shortly with the best locations for each mayor city.

 By then try BigW http://www.bigw.com.au/

and K Mart http://www.bigw.com.au/  and possibly Target http://www.target.com.au/html/homepage/home.htm

in your area.




International phone cards can be many times cheaper than normal costs of the phone call.

Install Skype http://www.skype.com/  on your PC.

It?s free to download and free to call other people on Skype ? and also much cheaper than normal costs of the phone call if you call to home phone wordwide to people,they don?t have Skype installed.

For mobile check ? PhoneChoice or   Mobility magazine 




Be aware that there are some water restriction in Au and to water the garden can be prohibited sometimes under the penalty.

Ensure that there are no dripping taps or leaking pipes. Cost of 1000 l in Sydney is cca $ 1.26-1.4.


Shower 8 min - 120 litres, with Water Saver Shower Rose ? 68 l.

Toilet single flush -12 litres, Dual Flush 6/3 l.

Twin Tub Sink -  40 litres per wash

Front Loading Washing Machine 80 litres per wash

Top Loading  Washing Machine 170 litres per wash

Dishwasher ? 20-50 l pre load

Cooking, Cleaning & Drinking ? usually 150 litres per day

Bath 50-150 litres per one bath

Garden Sprinkler / Hose   10-20 litres / min. - 1000 litres per hour

Drip System -    4 litres per hour

W. the car with a hose   10-20 litres / min 100-300 litres in total

Swimming pool ? usually up to 55,000 litres


Not much??? Check this!


Washing dishes by hand 7x per week - 7,280 l  - for each addition wash add 1,040 l per year

Dishwashers - 7x per week 6,552 l - for each addition wash add 936 l per year

Front loader - 1x per week - 5,460 l  per year  7x per week 38,220 l per year

Top loader - 1x per week -10,192 l  per year , 7x per week 71,344 l per year

Baths - 1x per week 1/2 full - 5,200 l  per year Full - 10,400 l  per year - 7x per week - 36,400 half full and 72,800 l  per year

Shower - 4 minutes - 7x per week - 20,384 l per year,  28 shower per week /4 people in h./  81,536 l per year - But with efficient showerhead ? last number can be only - 52,416 l per year

Shower - 10 minutes - 7x per week 50,960 l per year, 28 shower per week /4 people in h./   203,840 l per year ? But with efficient showerhead ? last number can be only - 131,040 l per year


Single flush toilet - 11L =  20,075 l  per one person per year

New Dual type flush toilet 6/3L  = 6,570 l per one person per year



Medicine and prescription


Each time you get a prescription filled, show the pharmacist your current:

Medicare card or  concession card from Centrelink /or your Department of Veterans? Affairs health card  or  PBS Safety Net entitlement card

If you it is an emergency and you forgot  your Medicare card ask the pharmacist for an official PBS refund receipt not just a regular docket . You may be able to get some money back from Medicare office.


If you or your family need a lot of medicine try PBS Safety. Once you or your family reach a Safety Net threshold, you can apply for a PBS Safety Net card - your PBS medicine will be less expensive (or free) for the rest of the calendar year.

To apply for your PBS Safety Net card talk to your pharmacist.

PBS Safety Net thresholds as at 1 January 2007:

General patients  - $1059.00

Concession card holders -  $274.40

For more information see Medicare website http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/yourhealth/index.shtml


Students on low incomes may be eligible for a Health Care Card (HCC) through Centrelink


Discount medicine:


Alphapharm medicines http://www.alphapharm.com.au/page.php?id=2421 -

Better Life Pharmacy http://www.betterlifepharmacy.com/

Discount Drug Stores http://www.discountdrugstores.com.au/

Discount Pharmacy http://www.discountpharmacy.com.au/

Discount Chemist  http://www.chemistdirect.com.au/

ePharmacy http://www.epharmacy.com.au/online_prescriptions/online_chemist.htm

Pharmeasy -  http://www.pharmeasy.com.au/stpg/faq.htm

Pharmacy Direct Web Site http://www.pharmacydirect.com.au/PD_PharmacistAdvice&Prescriptions.asp




In case of disaster (flood, droughts, storm, bushfire and other incidents) for provision of food, accommodation, clothing, advice, guidance and financial and personal support contact disaster recovery: http://www.community.nsw.gov.au/html/disaster/disaster.htm in NSW




If you are Australian citizen there ways students can get discount on many things.


1. Student discounts on Computer Software & Hardware.

On hardware ? university and TAFE have many times deal with big computer companies. Check it out.

On software you can save 70-90% of the original price.


2. Education Software http://educationsoftware.com.au/

Student Discount http://www.studentdiscounts.com.au/?gclid=CJjjr42EsooCFQojggod1FOZvw

Monash University Student software http://www.its.monash.edu.au/students/software/

University of Sydney Student software   http://itassist.usyd.edu.au/student/services/software/index.shtml


3.International Travel Card (ISIC). - http://www.statravel.com.au/cps/rde/xchg/au_division_web_live/hs.xsl/discount_cards.htm


Good advice about everything regarding live of a student in Sydney ? see Sydney UNI Blog

Sydney Life

Cheap youth hostels around Australia:


YHA Australia (Youth Hostels)




 Your rights and responsibilities as a tenants or landlord.

The best information you can get from - NSW Office of Fair Trading

See Tenants section for beginning and moving out facts and also sharing and sub-letting, damages, bonds and solving problems issues.


Housing problems ( only for permanent residents) ? see NSW department of Housing http://www.housing.nsw.gov.au/  



Buy Entertainment Book  http://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/

  - This is a guide that provides special 25 to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from many of the best restaurants, hotels and attractions throughout Australia & New Zealand.



Eating Out:

Even in the mayor cities you can still find some interesting places to dine without it being too expensive. Find your restaurant: http://www.menulog.com.au/?gclid=CPv5m_eQ7IoCFRs_ggodIBnsqA



Theatre, concerts and movies:

http://www.halftixmelbourne.com/ - Halftix in Melbourne

http://premier.ticketek.com.au/ Ticketek ? Australia wide

http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/ Ticket Master

http://www.moshtix.com.au Moshtix



Public transport

 See public transport guides


Rail info  - CityRail


NSW  - Public Transport information

Infoline 131500.com.au

Newcastle Buses
Sydney Buses
Sydney Ferries
Liverpool-Parramatta T-Way


Victoria - Public Transport information

Metlink Melbourne Melbourne public transport
Viclink regional transport information

TravelSMART Victoria government information

Linking Victoria Victoria government information

Melbourne Train - Connex Melbourne

Melbourne Trams -Yarra Trams

Meltrip unofficial site

Victoria Rail Services -  V/Line rail/coach services
Melbourne-Shepparton - Hoy's Roadlines
Melbourne-Geelong-Warrnambool  - West Coast Railway

Melbourne Buses - Airport Shuttle Xpress, Skybus

Australian Capital Territory - Public Transport information


Lever Coachlines, Queanbeyan
Transborder Express Canberra - Yass, Goulburn , Thredbo

South Australia - Public Transport information

Adelaide http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/ticketing/save.html

Office of Public Transport South Australian government information

Train & Tram - TransAdelaide

Buses - Serco, Southlink, Torrens Transit ,Transitplus

Queensland - Public Transport information

TransLink ? Info

Queensland Transport - Public Transport Information - government information

Brisbane City Council - Bus & Ferry Information

Rail - Airtrain 
Queensland Rail , Queensland Rail , Traveltrain

Brisbane Buses - Brisbane Bus Lines , Caboolture Bus Lines , Connex Brisbane , Hornibrook Buslines , Kangaroo Bus Lines , Park Ridge Transit , Southern Cross Transit , Westside Bus Co.

Western Australia - Public Transport information

Transperth Perth  - train, bus and ferry

Public Transport Authority

Perth Buses - PATH Transit, Southern Coast Transit, Swan Transit

Rail - Australian Railroad Group,  New MetroRail, Pemberton Tramway Company, TransWA

Tasmania - Public Transport information

Tasmanian Government - Transport  

Buses - Hobart Coaches , Merseylink, Devonport , Metro Tasmania

Northern Territory - Public Transport information

Darwin - Darwinbus

Alice Springs - ASBus


Buying Property:

The NSW Office of Fair Trading has a superb description of the process of buying property and legals and conveyancing and cooling off period.

Definitely see their website before you decide to buy 



 Save money on groceries, gifts, cleaning, holidays, cars and phone bills: 

Simple savings  


Cheapskates Club


Get the price - Shop Smart in Australia  http://www.getprice.com.au/ Compare prices in AU.

Choice Magazine


RealHolidayReports.com  - Holiday Reports and Hotel Reviews - holiday information from real holidaymakers who have actually visited and experienced the accommodation and resorts.


Discount websites - http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/

Useful internet links to various retailers:

ALDI - grocery retailer - great value products ? discounts

BIG W - Discount Department  Store


Coles Online

David Jones - Department  Store


Freedom furniture

Myer - Department  Store

Woolworths delivery  




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